Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh yeah, I DO have a blog!

Wow! Long time no see, huh? Didja miss me? I'm not even sure who I'm talking to. Sorry I was away for so long. I was crazy busy and I couldn't even blog about it, because it was a great big secret. I was plotting away, trying to throw my mom a surprise 50th birthday dinner. Meagan was here for the celebration, and that was a surprise too. I didn't think it was possible, but we pulled it off. We actually surprised Mom. At least she's letting us think we did. lol Anyway, it was a great party. We had a lasagna dinner and cake and punch for over 50 of Mom's friends and family. Thanks to the tons of help from my sister, my aunt, and my cousins, it was a great success.

Not a whole lot more has been happening around here. Nathan's growing like a weed of course. He's still just got the two teeth. He keeps threatening to grow more, but so far he's just been bluffing. He cruises the furniture with ease these days. He'll be walking before Thanksgiving. I'm sure of it. We put him in a walker at the church and he goes 100 miles per hour. Backwards. I finally got him to go forward by pushing the walker slowly so his feet were moving the right way, but when he wanted to go fast, it was backwards or no-wards.

The weekend before Mom's party, we took our annual trip to Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge out by Salina. Mom, Aunt Geri, Grandma and I go every year on the weekend of Columbus Day. It's a really great zoo with a fantastic museum. It's such a pretty setting and you can get a lot closer to the animals than you can in most zoos. This year we took Nathan and my cousin Kaydee with us. Nathan really likes zoos. He's been to three different ones already. He loves to be outside, and he really looks at the animals. Though I think his favorite exhibit is the people. He was really interested in the ring-tailed lemurs. They were running and climbing and flipping those long tails, and he was fascinated. We had a really good day for the most part, until Nathan crawled out of his stroller and landed on his head. He was fine except for a pretty gnarly goose egg. We iced it right away so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Our bad luck wasn't over, though. We were getting ready to leave, and as we walked back to the gates, Grandma tripped over a flower bed and fell. She ended up fracturing her wrist, so we spent the evening in the ER. She's doing well, except for trying to get around with a giant cast going from her fingers up over her elbow. That makes everything difficult. We've been doing our best to take care of her though. She seems to be healing well.

Well that's all the news I can cram into one post for now. I'm starting to nod off at the computer, so I think I'll head to bed before this entry becomes pages and pages of one key repeating because I've landed face first in the keyboard. Night all!!

Oh wait! Can't have a post without a picture of the cutest baby in the world! Here he is: