Sunday, April 27, 2008


I had to share the sweet swag bag I got from work the other day. It was Associate Appreciation day, (coincidentally, it was also Admisitrative Professionals Day.) We were so spoiled!! First we got a goody bag. The photo shows the sign that came with it, outlining the significance of each treat within. (Click it to enlarge.) At morning break we got continental breakfast, at lunch we got deli sandwiches and chips, and at afternoon break we got ice cream bars and cookies. Then they passed out the cute little thermal lunch bags with a stress ball and a coaster inside. I felt pretty darned appreciated for a girl who's been watching someone else work for a week and a half.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I had to post some photos from my super-fun going away party from Hobby Lobby. There was another person quitting at the same time as me, and our awesome (ex)co-workers threw us a going away party at the bowling alley. We had a blast! I haven't bowled in forever, but I don't think I did too badly. I played four games and I scored a 103, a 117, and the last two games were both 120. I was so proud of myself. We all had a blast and we had some really good chocolate cake, and they even gave us presents!! We got a pretty Wood Wick Candle, a hand-made beaded bookmark, and a $25 gas card. Aren't those Hobby Lobby people awesome?!? I'm going to hang the bookmark on the wall of my cubie, and put the candle on my desk. I'm gonna miss working with my crazy Hobby Lobby friends. Especially my favorite one... Yeah right, like I'm gonna pick a favorite. Some of them will be reading this! lol

Speaking of cubies, my new job is so awesome! I love it so much!! I keep talking about it all the time. I'll just pop up and say, "Hey Bryan, did I tell you there's a cappucino machine in our cafeteria, and I can fill my 34 oz. cup with soda for 50 cents, and I can take an hour and a half lunch if I want, and my phone has an earpiece so I don't have to use my hands, and my chair adjusts in 14 different places and..." and he says, "Yes! Yes! For the love of God, yes! Now shut the hell up!" and then he stabs himself in both ears with a pencil so he won't have to listem to me anymore. I guess I can use his mp3 player now.

I'm such a dork I've been shopping online for all kinds of cool cubicle gear. I even started a Kaboodle list for them. Check it out here. I haven't been able to buy a pencil holder because I haven't found just the right one yet, and I believe there is one special set of office supplies out there for everyone, and you just have to keep going through life until you find it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

You may kiss the bridesmaids!

First of all, I had a really good first day of work yesterday. It was just orientation. My real training will start Monday. I got to learn all about my vacation time, sick pay, floating holidays, insurance, discounts and perks. And I got to see my cubicle! It's awesome. It's just waiting for me to decorate it up. I have some time, though, because I'll be in training (at someone else's cubicle) for a while. I'll just be watching someone else work for a few weeks. In the meantime, I have to figure out what kind of plant thrives in a cubicle (and is hard to kill).

Last night we went to a friend's wedding, and I learned that my little guy was born to party. He was a very fussy, tired little turd for most of the afternoon and evening, but when the reception got under way and the dance music started, he was the life of the party. He danced all night. All the girlies couldn't get enough of him. I have some pics to share and a video, so check him out:

*Glitter Frames by Lindsay Jane Designs
Bryan was a groomsman and he looks awesome in a tux if I do say so myself!

Munchin' on some yummy wedding cake!

My little dude is gettin' some hot bridesmaid action on the dance floor. So many women, so little time between naps!

This little sleeping beauty is the flower girl. She slept through most of the reception on the stage right in front of the dj booth. Guess she partied too hard at the bachelorette party.

I took some video of Nathan bustin' a move, but I'm kind of a dumbass, and I did it all holding the camera sideways without even thinking about it. I found a way to turn it, but it looks a bit squished. And it's super dark because the dance floor was dark, but here it is anyway:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Go sell cute somplace else. We're all stocked up here.

In fact, he's got cute running out of his ears. (Which is a damn sight better than what's been running out of his nose.) Anywhooooo. Here are the vids I wanted to post the other day. Enjoy!

Three More Days!!

I totally forgot to blog about my good news! I got a new job! I start Friday. I'm super excited because I'll have a grown up job, with a desk, and nice clothes, and yep, you guessed it:

A cubicle!!!

I will be a payroll clerk for a large company that owns a bunch of grocery stores and gas stations. I'll make a dollar more an hour, be guaranteed 40 hours, have benefits, flex scheduling, and did I mention?

A cubicle!!!

Okay, okay. I'll stop. It's just that I'm super-psyched about the whole prospect. I've been dreaming of a cubicle job for years. My own little world with a desk and a computer and a plant and a photo of my family and a Dilbert comic hanging on the wall. It would only be more awesome if my little cubie were pink. Laugh if you want, but you know you'd be jealous.

I'll miss working with all my friends at Hobby Lobby. I really do like that job, but I just need a little more cheddar, if you know what I mean. So I can buy more... well... cheddar. And a bigger place so I can get my little muffin out of a closet and into a real room. And I'm gonna have weekends off!!!!!!!!! I've never had a job where I've had weekends off.

So anyway, if you happen to think of it this Friday morning, say a quick little prayer that my first day goes really well and that it rains Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies all weekend. (It can't hurt to ask, right?)

I can't remember the last time I blogged so many lines without talking about what adorable thing Nathan just did the other day. I taught him to ride 'em cowboy and yell "Yee-Haw!" Of course, his yee-haw sounds more like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" but it's the enthusiasm that counts. I was going to end this post with an adorable video or two that I took of Nathan playing in his play pen, but YouTube is being a bi-yotch and it's down for maintenance. The nerve!! So you'll just have to be satisfied with a couple of adorable photos.

*Frame cluster by Sherry Tierney.

Oh, and one more thing:

A cubicle!!!