Sunday, November 30, 2008

April wasn't really THAT long ago!

So I decided to start blogging again. That means all of my fans that have been checking out this site on a daily basis with bated breath (I looked that up and yes, I spelled it right) just waiting for new little bits of wit and wisdom can finally sigh that satisfied, just-finished-Thanksgiving-dinner, lip-smacking sigh and live happily ever after. I've really missed the sweet catharsis of spilling my guts to the whole interweb even if only six people actually read it. Maybe six is pushing it. Regardless, I like being able to vent and steam and overflow all over my computer.

Wow, that sounds messy.

Anyhoo, I'll re-inaugurate the ol' blog with a Thanksgiving post. The food was wonderful, as was my lovely cousin's hospitality (read: bravery, for letting my huge, noisy family take over their beautiful house for a day) but most of the rest of the day can neatly be summed up with the following visual aid:

The morning was pretty nice. I got up and put the parade on tv for Little Man while I made cinnamon rolls. By made, I mean popped open a tube and stuck in the oven, of course. We munched on those and then I made (this time really made) not one, but two casseroles to take to dinner. We got dressed in our finest room-for-eatin' britches and headed to the Village Inn to visit with Hubby's family before heading to my cousin's. That's about when the graph started its abrupt descent. I started to feel really lousy. Little Man had been mucho sicko for a couple of days earlier in the week, and true to form, it hit Mama at the most inconvenient time. Getting sick on Turkey Day is a true testament to the unfairness of life.

I muscled my way through dinner, though, because I refuse to miss out on the face-stuffing just because my puny little stomach was begging me for the love of God, don't do it! By early evening I was regretting it, though, and not long after that the Hubby joined in my misery. We bowed out of the domino game early and headed home. The puking went on all night long. I'll spare you any other details.

Oh yeah, sometime just before the puking, the Hubby was taking home a friend who had joined us for Thanksgiving dinner and he backed into a parked car and got a ticket. So all in all, our Thanksgiving was kind of a bust.

We're all feeling much better now, but we did manage to share our disgusting germs with my mom (sorry Grandma) and she was suffering through it yesterday. Hope you're getting over it quick, Mom!

So all who have re-joined me on the blogwagon, thanks for listening to me complain about my holiday, and keep your fingers crossed that our Christmas won't resemble our Thanksgiving in any way.