Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who's Really Getting Spoiled Here?

In answer to the charge of spoiling my child, I plead 100% undeniably guilty.

Since the day he was born, either the hubby or I have rocked Nathan to sleep in our arms. I knew as the habit developed that I may regret it one day as I shopped for a rocking recliner big enough to accommodate myself and my 13 year old son while I rhythmically pat his bottom and sing "You Are My Sunshine." I was perfectly aware of the potential nightmare and loss of sanity we were facing when we finally decided to break this habit. My friends, the time has come.

I'm happy to report that it's gone very well so far. The very first night was tough, and Nathan's loathing of anything out of routine was compounded by the fact that we waited too late in the evening in the hope that he'd be too tired to put up a fight. As all of you experienced parents out there are shaking your heads and chuckling at us noobs, I'll readily admit that your suspicions are correct. He was overtired and feeling especially stubborn. Hubby ended up lying on the floor next to the playpen and talking the child to sleep. (Insert playful jab about the Hubster's ability to talk a person into unconsciousness here.)

Since then, at the risk of jinxing us, it's been fairly smooth sailing. A few fusses here and there but nothing major. I've tried to keep to a regular routine: bath, lotion & pjs, one cartoon with the lights off, 5-10 minutes of rocking with the soothing classical music/ocean waves cd playing, and then into bed.

I think the rocking time is built in there as much for me as it is for Nathan. From the very beginning, the nightly rocking habit was spoiling me more than it was spoiling the boy-child. I may have a harder time giving it up than he is. I just love it when he's so sleepy he starts turning his head one way and then another over and over in a futile effort to stay awake, then nuzzling into my neck and letting out the tiniest of snores. I like to bury my nose in his sweet-smelling curls, and his steady breathing and the symphony/ocean cd have lulled me to sleep more than once.

In a way I wish it weren't going so smoothly. I'd like to think he'll miss our drifting off to sleep in the chair together every night just as much as I do. Then again, I'm really enjoying my extra hour or so of free time in the evenings. I guess I'll just have to make the most of that nightly 5-10 minutes of snuggly-wuggly curl sniffing. That is, until he starts telling me, "Mom, do you mind? I'm 37 years old and I have to go to work in the morning."

Friday, January 9, 2009

Three-Horns Do NOT Play With Long-Necks!

He finally has enough hair for fun shampoo styles! This kid looks pretty good in a mohawk, too!
For those not in the know, the title is a quote from the animated dinosaur movie, "Little Foot."

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Holiday Recap

(No, he isn't stoned. He's in the middle of a spirited, "Ho! Ho! Ho!")
Frame by Kelley Mickus

Our holidays were, in a word, fabulous! We got some amazing photos with Santa Claus. We ended up taking Nathan to see him three times. The first time he didn't want to sit on Santa's lap at all, but by the third time he was tugging on Mom's arm trying to get his turn. He had an adorable little suit on and he smiled his gorgeous dimple-ridden smile. It was totally worth the extra trips. You can see the photos here.

After we put him down to sleep on Christmas Eve, I started setting out all of the packages around our little tree. Just before I headed off to bed, I was sitting in the recliner next to the play pen where Nathan sleeps, and I swear on my life, he said, "HO HO HO!" in his sleep. It was the cutest thing I've ever heard. It was one of those moments that make me wish I could outfit the house Big Brother style so every adorable little thing he does can be caught on tape. Of course, I'd have to edit out all of the nose-picking, and some of the stuff Nathan does, too.

On Christmas morning Daddy and I both woke up before Nathan did. I know that won't probably happen again until he's a teenager, when getting 22 hours of sleep a day is more important than presents. We were so anxious we had to restrain ourselves from waking him.

Nathan is at that perfect age for Christmas. He's old enough to get all kinds of excited about opening presents, but young enough you could wrap up a big ol' mound of used chewing gum and he'd still be thrilled to death as long as there's paper to tear and bows to throw over his shoulder.

He was so adorable! As soon as he started to tear off the paper (in widdle biddy pieces), and before he could even see what was inside, he'd let out this huge excited gasp as if he'd just been handed the keys to the biggest ice cream and breakfast sausage vault in the world. (I know that sounds wierd, but those are his two favorite foods. At our weekly Saturday morning Sirloin Stockade breakfast with my parents, he could easily consume more sausage links than the rest of us combined. And of course, ice cream is self-explanitory.)

He got good and spoiled, just like last year. That is to say, the Grandmas did their job right. Of course, we are just as guilty. Some of the coolest things were a workbench that Grandma Helen and Grandpa Bill got. It came with all sorts of tools and the back of it is plastic "pegboard." It even has a battery powered drill, which Nathan likes to run nonstop the whole time he's there. I think I heard Grandma Helen say something about losing those batteries or something like that.

Grandma Doni and Grandpa Chuck got him this awesome play tent from Imagine That Toys.

He loves having his own little house to play in. He stuffs it full with as many of his toys as he can fit, or he uses it as a garage to store his walk-n-ride lion.

So Christmas was awesome, and our New Year's was just as cool. I learned that Teri's boyfriend, Shawn, looks mighty good in a pink tutu, and that shooting pool in a welding helmet is really hard but fun to watch. But those are stories for another blog post. I'll sign off for now.

Here's to another awesome year to come!