Friday, August 3, 2007


Hello out there in blogland! It's been a long time. What is it about not having a blog that makes it really easy to come up with things to blog about? I've come to the blog several times in the last week, and just couldn't come up with enough for an entry. Suddenly I have nothing to say? Right.

I can brag that my sweetie hubby brought me these gorgeous things yesterday:

Ain't he great?! For some reason, you can only see 11 in the photo, but there are a dozen. I love the multi-colored bouquet. The best thing about them? They're No-Reason-Flowers. It's not a special occasion, he isn't in trouble (as far as I know), he just brought them cuz he wanted to. What a stud!

So I'm sure no one is going to be shocked, but I have to spend the rest of the entry braggin' on my baby boy.

Wait, sidetrack: You know, I never thought about it much before, but all of those people who get tired of hearing new moms go on and on about their little bundles of joy should just hire them a babysitter and take them out for Margaritas. Sure, you'll probably hear about every cute thing the little carpet-varmit has done since labor and delivery, but at least when the night is over she'll have one child-free story to tell. The reason we new mommies only talk about our babies is not because they're particularly exceptional (though mine is) or extra, extra cute (he's that as well) or because they think no one has ever experienced a more wonderful baby than their baby (that's my boy!). It's mainly the fact that there isn't really time for anything else, so there isn't anything else to talk about.

Think about it. What do people make small talk about? Great books you've read? Dr. Suess usually doesn't count. Movies you've seen? Not if they're more than five minutes long. That's about the average chunk of free time. Politics? I don't even have a clue what the president's latest screw-up is. Weather? Don't even talk to me about weather. It just reminds me that the seasons will change soon, and I don't know if Nathan has enough warm clothes. Or maybe he has enough warm clothes, but not enough in-between-seasons clothes. He's growing so fast it seems like I put pants on him in the morning and they are shorts by nightfall. Speaking of nights, we're working on changing his sleep-schedule. It's so important to get him on a schedule. Speaking of schedule, when's his next doctor's appointment? Is he due for shots? The doctor said to start feeding him fruits soon, and then meat. Will he still want his cereal? Speaking of cereal, what time is it? Is it nap time, or dinner time? Oh, did you say something? What were we talking about again?

Your Honor, the defense rests.

So back to braggin' on the boy. He's crawling all over the place these days. He's getting so good at it, he hardly ever tips over anymore. I kind of miss that. It was so cute when he'd get his arm caught underneath him and tip forward on his face with his bottom half up in the air. Guess you have to be there. Anyway, I took a little video of him crawling today. Now remember, I'm not a professional videographer and I took this with my Canon digital camera, not a real video camera. It takes him a minute to get going, and the cat decided she was ready for her close up, but then you can watch him take off and crawl right to the camera, then get tired and take a little rest. Ignore the E! channel playing in the background. I'm ashamed to post actual evidence that it was on my tv for more than 30 seconds, but I swear I wasn't watching it. So here it is; enjoy!


Mary E said...

Wow, I love your blog! This is my first time here. You are so funny LOL. I enjoyed your entry today. Very true. I remeber those days. But it doesn't change, my baby is 15 and I just dropped her off at cheering camp. And I could not be more proud, ask anyone LOL!

Traci said...

Oh how CUTE is he!! My little man is only 3 weeks old, so no crawling here yet! Enjoy him being little while you can! They grow up WAY too fast!

-eVa- said...

What a cute video! And your hubby is such a cutie!

Faren said...

awwww, he's crawling! How have I missed that? Agh, got to get over to see him! Seems like I haven't seen him in forever.
And Bryan actually got you flowers?
Can he give some lessons to Techpriest? Actually, techpriest is fairly romantic, just hasn't surprised me lately.
So glad you took that video!

Grandma A said...

How in the world did I miss your email with your blogspot! Well, you can bet I'll be back to check for new pics daily! (as if I don't have enough) Love ya!