Sunday, December 14, 2008

My New Mom-vention

One of the many things we women sacrifice when we become mothers is our butts. I don't mean because they change in size or shape. I've never had the ideal size and shape in that area anyway. I'm talkin' temperature, people.

It's a mere 20 degrees here today, and that fact has alerted me to the amount of time I spend with my posterior hanging out of the car fastening and unfastening car seat straps, changing diapers in the seat of the car, and chasing upside down sippy cups that claim to be leak-free. I've been home nearly a half hour and my butt still hasn't thawed completely.

I've come up with a solution. I'm going to take a staple gun and attach a roman shade to the roof of the car just above the door. That way when I go to put the child in the car and assume the best-face-forward position, I can just drop that shade over my behind and keep it nice and toasty warm.

Maybe I can make and sell my invention to other moms out there. I'll call it the Toasty Tushie. What a great way to make some extra Christmas cash!

If that doesn't work, maybe I could just sell ad space on my butt.

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