Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Baby is So Sweet!!!

My sweet little man is good at a lot of things. He's a fantastic piano player. (Okay, he doesn't make any recognizable music, but he plays it so sweetly like he's really trying, rather than banging on it like most little kids.) He's great at texting. (So they're not really words he's sending, but he knows how to slide the qwerty keyboard out and use both thumbs so it looks real.) He's wonderful at cuddling. (No disclaimer on this one. He's an A-number-one cuddler.)

One of the things that he's really good at is sharing. He's really great about it considering he's an only child. He especially likes to share yellow things with me. Little Man has decided that yellow is my favorite color. I'm not entirely sure why. Every time he has M&Ms, he gives me all of the yellow ones. My mom bought him some one afternoon, and when I picked him up at 9:30 that night, he ran and got this little bowl with all of the yellow and blue M&Ms in it. (The blue ones were for Daddy.)

The other day, I was getting ready to leave for work and he brought me all of his yellow trucks. I thanked him for sharing his trucks and when I tried to put them down, he got very upset. He kept pointing at them and then at me and then at the door. He was insistent that I take them to work with me. He wouldn't take no for an answer. So I took them with me. I tried to give them back to him when we met at the park for lunch, but he wanted me to take them back to work. Isn't he the sweetest little guy?!? I snuck them back into his toy box that evening.

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Faren said...

Ok, that is cute, very cute!