Sunday, July 22, 2007

Big Weekend

Nathan got to experience his first demolition derby this weekend. Some of B's friends from Stafford were driving in the derby, and Nathan hadn't got to meet any of that crowd yet, so we decided to go. My parents went to the derby with us and then took Nathan home so we could stay for the after party. He had a lot of fun, though just like the Little League game we took him to, he didn't seem to be all that interested in the event itsself. What he was interested in was the checkered flag they gave him and all the other kids in attendance. Only instead of waving it, he just tried to eat it. He's at that age where he's part goat and part dustbuster, so everything within reach goes directly in his mouth. That is, unless he misses and puts it in his eye. Don't worry, we watched him really close to avoid that.

Here's the Get Bent Demo Crew we went to cheer on.

Nathan had another first this weekend too. Now that he's five months old, he was ready to start eating veggies! We started with squash, and I made sure to have the camera ready to capture the funny faces, but he didn't really make any. He seemed to just take it in stride. Just another day in the life. Oh well, here's a piccy anyway.

Until next time...

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Faren said...

Still oh, so cute, even if it wasn't a funny face!
Man, I really need to go see Josh and Jason.