Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm back in the Blog-O-Sphere!

Okay, okay, hold your applause. I know how much all of my adoring fans were missing me. lol

So, just to bring everyone up to speed, Nathan's doing fantastic. He'll be five months old next week. He's growing like a weed! We've had his ExerSaucer for just over a month and we've already had to raise the legs to the next height. He's outgrowing all of his clothes! It must be really nice to get a whole new wardrobe every other month or so.

He's eating cereal now, and he's decided he really likes it. The first few attempts made for some hilarious faces. I thought he'd just hate it forever. Now, I can hardly feed him because as soon as I take the spoon out of his mouth, he's reaching for it to put it back.

He can roll over now, both back to front and front to back. That's how he gets around. He's trying to crawl, but he has yet to learn that forward motion is much easier if his face isn't mashed into the blanket. It's like trying to drive with the emergency brake on. You can do it, but the results aren't pretty. His drooly little face is always covered in blanket fuzz.

He loves to talk to his toys (and yell at them, and curse at them). I'm pretty sure if I understood baby talk, I'd have to wash his mouth out with soap. That damn rubber lion really pisses him off! It must be a smack-talker.

B and I are doing well, too. Though we're all getting over a crappy cold. We got it from Nathan, who also gave it to the sitter, her daughter, her daughter's boyfriend, and her granddaughter. My sweet little baby leads a double life as one big germ in a diaper. But if ever there were an adorable germ, he's it!

A great way to keep up with Nathan is to look at my scrapbook pages. They're all posted in my Digishoptalk Gallery. I'll eventually get a button up in the side bar, but I'll probably be posting most of my future pages here as well.

Well that concludes this entry. Tune in next time. Same bat-blog, same bat-page. Kablow!

Things I've learned since giving birth: I now know whether or not nearly every public restroom in town has a changing table, and how hard it is to change him on the floor if they don't. I'm still learning which restaurants are evil (Carlos O'Kelley's, though it's still my favorite place to eat) and only have one in the women's restroom and not the men's. Or maybe B's just telling me that to get out of changing diapers when we're out. I may have to check for myself.

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Faren said...

Hey, great to see you blogging again!
I'm looking forward to reading your posts!
Already eating cereal, huh? Sheesh, the boy grows fast!