Saturday, March 8, 2008

Not Yet a Month Late

Faren motivated me to get off my butt, (or rather ON my butt, in my new computer chair) and post some of Nathan's birthday pictures. So here we go:

Here they are, Their Majesties, King Daddy, and Prince Nathan. My mom, a.k.a. Martha Frickin' Stewart, put up castle walls and built a whole throne room for our guys.

This was the first tentative taste of birthday cake. Nathan really is a pretty neat eater. He's not one to just dive right in with both hands. The first time he got a little frosting on his fingers, he wrinkled his nose and tried to shake it off.

Then he figured out just how good that frosting really was. He kept feeding it to me too.Yummy!!

And this is what was left of the cake. I'm not real sure he actually got any cake. But I think he ate about a pound of frosting.

We told King Daddy he had to eat his cake with his fingers, too. But he outsmarted us with his Go-Go-Gadget-Birthday-Candle-Chopsticks.

So, hypothetically speaking, if a one-year-old boy gets a Thomas the Train Ball Pit from one grandma, and an actual throne from the other, not to mention numerous other gifts and a huge party, does that make him spoiled? Nah, I didn't think so either.

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