Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun Things To Do On A Snow Day!!

The part of our weekend that wasn't spent in the ER was kind of crappy because we were snowed in. We were all stuck in our tiny apartment and all three of us were on the verge of a great big cabin fever meltdown at one point. We did manage to find some fun things to do with the boy child, though.

First he decided to dump his whole toybox on top of himself. Note the hard hat. Safety first!!

He would rise up from underneath the toy mountain like the swamp thing rising from the murky depths and then we'd bury him again. Then we buried him inside the toybox. You can't tell by looking, but he really was having a ball. He's taken to giving the super-serious face everytime the camera focuses on him.

On my birthday a few weeks ago, my awesome co-workers filled my cubicle with balloons and wrapped it like a giant gift. I brought home most of the balloons (they filled three garbage bags!) and threw them all on the living room floor for Nathan to play with. They're starting to shrink and go flat, but most of them are still hanging around. After we got done burying Nathan in the toybox, we put him in the play pen with all of the balloons. It was like his own personal ball pit. He thought it was awesome! He'd lay on his back and kick like mad while the balloons flew around like popcorn in a popper. We were laughing our butts off and bopping any escaping balloons back into the playpen. It was so much fun, and what cheap entertainment!

Through the balloon play, I've learned that Nathan has a bit of a problem with gender stereotypes. Everytime he sees a blue balloon, he gives it to Bryan, and everytime he sees a pink one he gives it to me. Maybe it's because I'm a big girly nut for the color pink.

I guess being stuck in the house for the weekend wasn't all bad.

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