Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm a total and complete sucker...

...for adorable blue-eyed boys with beautiful blond curls. Especially those who've learned to cry real tears on demand.

We came home from Teri's tonight around eight, and like usual, Little Man didn't want to come home at all. He's like me in that respect. Bryan is somewhat of a homebody. He likes to be in his own chair with his tv and his remote. I'd rather be out and about, and so would Nathan. So when we pulled into the driveway he started to protest. We went inside and he was still unhappy. He refused to take off his jacket and he kept going over to the balcony door, pointing out at my car and saying, "Bye-bye, bye-bye, bite-a bite-a!" (He had already eaten. The bite-a bite-a was just an excuse to go somewhere.)

When that didn't work he started to cry. He squeezed out a steady stream of big crocodile tears and kept wiping them away with the backs of his hands. He's becoming a professional at looking absolutely heartbroken and miserable, and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I couldn't help it. He looked so pitiful!

So we went out to get an Encharito.
I knew I was being played, but I just couldn't stand the unadulterated sorrow that my little guy can emote. Besides, I like to take him out in public. I love when people smile at him and tell him how cute he is. And he is cute! His dimples can just turn your insides to jelly. Even when he's stealing your soda.
I know it seems crazy to take a bunch of photos on a simple fast-food outting, but I do have an awesome new camera and the cutest family in the world.

I love the contrast in these two photos. The first one looks like they're thinking, "Will she ever put that camera down?" They weren't really thinking that, I just caught them off guard.

I think.

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