Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Little Holiday Meme

Here's a little holiday activity I got from Kim's blog.

1. Egg nog or hot chocolate?
I like egg nog IN my hot chocolate! Or Bailey's. Yum!

2. Letter to Santa?
I don't usually write one. I guess I'll be helping Nathan write one next year.

3. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree?
He wraps them of course. In his own special paper.

4. Colored lights on your tree/house or white?
Colored lights on my balcony, and white on the tree.

5. Do you hang mistletoe?

6. When do you put your decorations up?
Whenever I get around to cleaning the house enough to decorate. Usually not long after Thanksgiving.

7. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
Aunt Geri's cheese ball!!

8. Favorite holiday memory as a child:
My dad's a fireman, and his 24 hour shift usually ended at 7am on Christmas day. We'd sleep in Mom's bed on Christmas Eve and no matter how early we woke up, we couldn't leave the room until Dad got home. That time we spent waiting was painful yet sweet anticipation. My little sis and I would spend the early morning giggling and bothering Mom for just a little peak.

9. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
I really don't remember.

10. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Never as a kid, even though we used to beg and plead. Now we do sometimes, depending on the easiest way to fit in time with all of the parts of our families.

11. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
It's a tiny prelit 3ft. tree, that fits my collection of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer ornaments perfectly. Oh, and a crocheted angel tree topper.

12. Can you ice skate?
Never tried.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift?
Too many to choose a favorite. There was a year with a Barbie Mansion. A leather jacket I didn't think I was going to get. A puppy! (Love ya, Aggie!)

14. What’s the most important thing about the holidays for you?
Well now it's making sure Nathan has a fantabulous wonderful holiday, and getting to spend time with all of the family.

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Ginger Snaps! Though they haven't been the same since Grandpa doesn't make them anymore.

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
The candlelight service at our church on Christmas Eve.

17. What tops your tree?
A crocheted angel.

18. Which do you prefer, giving or receiving?
Giving. I love to pick out and give gifts I know someone will love. Though I do of course love to get pretty things. :)

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song?
Any by Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Nat King Cole

20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum?
Yummy! Especially in hot chocolate!

I'm not sure if any bloggers read my blog other than my sis and sis-in-law, but anybody who does is welcome to copy, paste, and play along.


Chantal said...

great game, perhaps I copy it and do it on my blog later too!!!

Nancy said...

I'll play - just give me a day or so.

thumper6423 said...

That's a cute game and a fun way to find out more about our fellow bloggers.

Neverland Scraps said...

I already blogged this morning, but it was so much fun to read and get to know a little bit more about you!

HeatherManning said...

Bailey's in your hot chocolate? Why have I never thought of that???? I just happen to have a bottle of bailey's in my fridge, may have to endulge tonight!

Have a great day!

JanMary said...

Great game. I am trying to do a question a day from 1st - 24th December, I may borrow some of these to help me finish. Thanks.