Monday, December 3, 2007

Nathan Taught HimsELF to Dance

You simply must check out this link. It was the hilarious highlight of my day!!

Merry Christmas From the Ackleys

Nathan learned to clap today!! It's so cute. He's clapped once or twice before, but it was always kind of an accident. Today he figured it out. He was clapping up a storm and giggling like crazy. He'd clap four or five times and then look up at us like, "Did you see what I just did???" Then he clapped along with Jack's Big Music Show while he ate his cereal. Then, because he just wants to make my heart explode with mommy-pride, he started dancing! He was clapping and swaying back and forth while The Schwartzman Quartet sang about Jack the Bugle Bunny. I was so happy because I've been hoping and hoping for him to dance. It's so cute when little ones sway and twist to the music. Sure, his rhythm is a little off and his technique is rather rudimentary, but I think with a little work and his very own set of leg warmers, he'll be ready for the next cycle of "So You Think You Can Dance!"

I've been busy scrapping this weekend, so I'll post a few here. You can click the images for a full size view, and there's a link in the sidebar to my whole gallery so you can see what else I've done.

Well, that's all for today. I have to get Nathan ready for his "American Bandstand" audition. "Less lip, Monroe. More sweat!" I know, I know, only old people will get the Fame reference.


Auntie M said...

I absolutly love that little man of yours!!!! he's so adorable...and gets more and more so everyday!!!! i wish we didnt have to wait till feb to see ya'll!!! we love you and miss ya'll bunches!!!

scrappinpeep said...

Gorgeous pages and what a cute little guy!!!

Faren said...

Those pages are great! Specially that last one. He always makes me smile too!