Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Go sell cute somplace else. We're all stocked up here.

In fact, he's got cute running out of his ears. (Which is a damn sight better than what's been running out of his nose.) Anywhooooo. Here are the vids I wanted to post the other day. Enjoy!


Faren said...

Now that is a happy baby!

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

ok girl dying to hear the cubicle story and how the first day went and everything and you are not on hello so hurry up and blog it! also, don't forget to load your full size layouts to 4shared so i can put that book together!!! i only have until the 14th! HUGS (i have been wonderin about ya all day, praying it all went peachy keen!)

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

ok i am an idiot, i went around all day yesterday thinking it was friday (the woes of being a sahm, i lose track of days)....sigh, so just pretend i sent that tonight :)